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The Olympic Dream!


I love sports! I have been an athletic child ever since I can remember.  I participated in school phys ed activities and I have made my school proud. It was my former school and not the one I am attending now but all that I can say is that everyone was proud of me. My mom was in tears and glowing when she saw me. She was loud when she was cheering me on. Kind of embarrassing but I understand that she loves em and she is proud.

My mom is very proud of me. I think I mentioned that already, just in case you missed it! Anyways, my mom took my sister and I to Varsity Stadium to see one of her friends, Justyn Warner. He is a professional sprinter and, along with his brother Ian Warner, is going to represent Canada at the London 2012 Olympics . Now this is exciting because one day I want to do something big like that! Yes, I love to bake but I also love to run. Here are some pictures she took of me when I competed and made my school proud and some pictures from our trip to see the athletes do their best in the field yesterday:

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My mom also took a video of Justyn running in the field and guess what? He won!


Mommy’s Different Faces


Mommy's Different Faces

Mommy’s Different Faces

 Mental Health had a been an issue much discussed in the media, especially when it came to adults being affected by it. There are many times when this issue is overlooked when children are involved. How are they affected by this issue and how are they dealing with it?

Mommy’s Different Faces, a book well written for young children, was initiated with the idea in mind to make it easy for children to talk about how they are affected when a parent deals with mental health issues. As we all know, children of parents with mental health issues are often neglected by the mental health system and this book is going to change that. This book also allows children to express themselves while letting them know that it is not their fault and hopefully they see that it is okay to be happy when someone from their family is going through difficult time. The book also aims for children to receive the growing up that they deserve.

To learn more about this book and about this topic, my daughter and I are going to discuss this book in a open discussion on our radio show pie4play on Friday July 13, 2012 at 1:00 pm EST please join us on.

Children make your life important. ~Erma Bombeck

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