Mommy’s Different Faces


Mommy's Different Faces

Mommy’s Different Faces

 Mental Health had a been an issue much discussed in the media, especially when it came to adults being affected by it. There are many times when this issue is overlooked when children are involved. How are they affected by this issue and how are they dealing with it?

Mommy’s Different Faces, a book well written for young children, was initiated with the idea in mind to make it easy for children to talk about how they are affected when a parent deals with mental health issues. As we all know, children of parents with mental health issues are often neglected by the mental health system and this book is going to change that. This book also allows children to express themselves while letting them know that it is not their fault and hopefully they see that it is okay to be happy when someone from their family is going through difficult time. The book also aims for children to receive the growing up that they deserve.

To learn more about this book and about this topic, my daughter and I are going to discuss this book in a open discussion on our radio show pie4play on Friday July 13, 2012 at 1:00 pm EST please join us on.

Children make your life important. ~Erma Bombeck

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  1. I really thought Sarah’s questions were good ones.

    1) When your brain is working properly what your eyes see and what your brain sees match up. When you have a mental health issue and your brain is not working properly your eyes can see things but your brains sees it differently. For example when your brain is healthy, your eyes will see a cat and your brain will see a cat. When the brain is not working properly your eyes will see a cat but your brain might see a lion, or a leopard. Your reactions to seeing a cat or a lion will be very different. You might smile at a cat, but if you see a lion you will probably scream and run away.

    When your brain is not working properly it is a bit like the game of broken telephone when one person whispers a message into the ear of the next and so on down the line of people. Usually the last person in line has a very different message from when it started. the brain is kind of like that the thought or idea has to pass through many cells and if it isn’t working properly the message gets messed up and it can be very confusing to the person with the mental health issue.

    Question 2
    What is the mom really looking at when she has an empty face? She can be looking at many different things. It’s a bit like day dreaming, it may seem like you are looking at a person, but your mind is somewhere else, thinking of good or bad times you have had, or imagining something in the future.

    Another meaning may be that the mom in the book can’t feel any emotion at all so her face looks empty because she is not happy or sad, she doesn’t feel anything.


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